A downloadable game for Android

Made for the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jam 2018 (location-based games)

Location-based,  (very basic) narrative game. Uses GPS. Need to go outside to play. Works best in a city but should work in an outdoor, non-city environment too.

BE SAFE! This game takes place outside in the real world. Be mindful of your surroundings. and be careful when moving. Don't put yourself in physical danger to play the game. Reset it via the settings menu in another location if need be.

The app uses location types (cafes, bookstores, etc...) so it would work in any city. It chooses nearby businesses of those types to spawn the charms. It will place random points near the user if the type of business is not close by. 

Charm collection is done by getting in range, tapping on the map and viewing & tapping in AR mode (camera view). I tried some locative sound mechanics as well.

WIP but  playable.  Audio files needs to be redone. Screens need some work. 

Android apk available for download. If you're on iOS, message me and I can send you download/install instructions.

Total time jamming:  < 24 hours

Built with the motive.io platform.


Install instructions

Download the apk. Install on your Android smartphone. 


MissingCharmsSSJ2018.apk 47 MB

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